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Maths has never been so easy as it is with IXL

Children are very special to us and so in order to educate them in an unique manner 3S has successfully implemented an online and on-site fun and learn environment. In this environment, your children can learn Maths very easily without any slightest doubt in their minds. To some of us, Maths can be sometimes very boring or scary. In order to make your children learn more effectively and efficiently 3S has made it interesting and exciting one through IXL. Now, what is IXL? IXL is software with which your children will play with numbers and as they play they will learn. Not only children but teenagers would be benefited too.

Individualized, Customized ​Learning ​Plans

3S will give one to one support to your child so that he/she can learn a subject very easily. We will also provide your child with free practice sessions so that they learn Maths with fun and not fear. If you are away and can’t attend our free sessions, you can be rest assured as we will get in touch with you through emails, facebook, skype or telephone and make your child learn Maths. In order to increase the sociability skills of your children we will make them engage in various competitions and our interaction with them thro-gh those competitions would make them more comfortable in their daily lives. Additionally, their social skills will improve. Our Spanish sessions would be a full of fun and frolic. They will play in games in that session and as they play they will learn.

Training and Mentoring

The unique IXL software for Mathematics is designed to deliver a fast fun learning environment which will educate and inculcate the knowledge of your children. As a result your child would learn faster compared to other child. Our prices are affordable and our tuition support will surely make your child stand out of the whole crowd. We already have thirty students from different school who have greatly benefited from us. They seemed to enjoy their sessions. We have experience in dealing with children who have challenged or aggresive behaviour. Those who have left home long back and are immigrants in this country, we teach their child with special care.

Our team and support structure

Our support team includes experienced tutors for Maths who would help the students to secure good grades in it. Besides that, we also have an Occupational Therapist who has vast experience in dealing with children with special needs. We will provide your children with psychological and emotional support and this will make them feel more relaxed and stress free. We are well connected with Blanchardtown Library where, we can provide your children with one to one mentoring and guidance for the desired subjects. We have a teacher for Spanish who can help your child learn Basic Spanish within few days. We will organize monthly meetings with every parents so that, we can advise and guide your child accordingly. It is also important for us to know how we are doing.

Programs Offered

Food Support Program

Our Food Support Program is designed for the better health of your children. Sometimes daily foods lack in taste so children often ignore it. Parents find it hard to make their children eat the food needed for their healthy body. Now, we will make it possible with our newly advanced recipes.

Anti-Stress free Program

Our Anti-Stress Program can help you to:

  • Rebalance your body and mind
  • Change your eating and drinking patterns
  • Renew your energy and replenish your spirit
  • Learn to relax your mind
  • Nurture your innerself
  • Yoga and Meditation practice for healthy living
  • Increase the level of your concentration
  • Improve in your sleep quality
  • Increase your overall happiness and wellbeing
  • Rebuild a positive attitude towards life

Foreign Language Program

Our Children's Spanish section features beginner to intermediate Spanish vocabulary and grammar for students. Each lesson is based on a specific theme and often includes supplementary vocabulary sheets and activity sheets. It's full of fun and your child would love it.